English meaning: beams
    Deutsche Übersetzung: “Gebälk”
    Note: (k̂red-? see under)
    Material: Goth. hrōt n. “roof”, O.N. hrōt “roof, Dachraum”, O.S. O.E. hrōst ‘sparrenwerk of Daches” (*krōd-s-to-) = Dutch roest “Huhnerstange, Hũhnerleiter”, M.H.G. rüz, rüze ‘scheiterhaufen”(*krēdü; fem. collective as O.C.S. krada); with M.H.G. rüz(e) ‘scheiterhaufen” deckt sich M.H.G. rüz, rüze “honeycomb”, afr. rüta, mnl. rüte “honeycomb”, next to which with ablaut mnl. rēte (*hretōn-) and rōte, dial. still röte (*hruti-) “honeycomb”; O.Bulg. krada ‘scheiterhaufen, Holzstoß” (*krōdü). As ‘sparrenwerk, from Latten etc. Gezimmertes” kann here belong: Lith. kre ́slas ‘stattlicher Stuhl”, Ltv. krę̂sls, O.Pruss. creslan “Lehnstuhl”, Lith. krãsė ‘stuhl”, Russ. kréslo, Cz. křeslo “Armstuhl”, as well as Lith. krósnis, Ltv. krüsns “oven”, Church Slavic krosno “liciatorium”, Russ. krósno “loom; Stũck canvas, fabric”, Bulg. krosnó “Aufzug beim loom; Torriegel”, krósna f. “ cradle “, Ser.-Cr. krȍsna “loom”, Cz. krosna, kru sna (old krósna) “Traggestell”.
    References: WP. I 485 f., Trautmann 141.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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